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Star Business Checking

Star Business Checking is often preferred by businesses with moderate withdrawal and deposit activity. This account fits the needs of most medium-sized and established companies. Often paired with online banking, customers can view balances, transactions and check images as they post and clear their account.


• Monthly Service Charge $ 12.95

Avoid the monthly service charge by making or maintaining:

A minimum daily balance of $ 2,500.00


An average daily balance of $ 5,000.00

More Information

• Minimum to Open - $ 100.00

• Debits and Credits – First 200 - No Charge

• Debits and Credits - Greater than 200 items - See Fee Schedule

• e-Statements - No Charge

• Paper Statements with Check Images - See Fee Schedule

• Online Banking - No Charge

• Bill Payment1 - No Charge

• Overdraft Privilege2 - $ 1,500.00

Note: An inactivity fee is assessed on accounts that are inactive for a period of 90 days and balances fall below $50.00. An Inactive Account is defined as an account that has no "customer-initiated" transaction activity for a period of three (3) months or 90 days.

1 Bill Payment is offered at no additional monthly or transaction cost unless you choose expedited processing which is billed at $14.95 per transaction. Please consult your enrollment agreement or an account representative for charges that may apply.

2 Overdraft Privilege is a discretionary service and is generally limited to an amount indicated by your product disclosure. You must choose to participate in this service by "opting in". If you are already participating in Overdraft Privilege, your limit will not change. Our normal fees and charges include our published overdraft fee or returned item fee as set forth in our fee schedule at $32.00. You may be charged up to five overdraft items or $160 per day from your checking account if you do not have sufficient collected funds to pay items that are presented on your account for payment. We reserve the right to require you to pay your outstanding overdraft (negative) balance, including fees we assess on your account, immediately or upon demand. We will charge our normal overdraft fee or returned item fee whether or not we approve an overdraft item for payment or return it unpaid. The complete Overdraft Privilege (ODP) Service Agreement was provided to you when you "opted in" to the service and you can revoke your participation at any time by calling (940)383-6200 – Option 1. You may access the full Agreement at