Online Banking FAQ

What is StarNet Online Banking?

StarNet Online Banking is the convenient way NORTHSTAR BANK OF TEXAS provides access to your checking and savings accounts via the Internet. Think of it as having NORTHSTAR BANK available from your home, office, or remote site at the touch of a computer to conduct some of your routine banking --- and it is availalbe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What Can I Do?

You can access your accounts to view balances and your previous and current day transactions. You can transfer money between accounts, pay individuals, set up alerts, pay bills, see check images, retrieve your e-Statements, etc.

What About Privacy and Security?

StarNet has many protections in place to assure you of your privacy and security. State-of-the-art security has been incorporated into our Online Banking offering at several levels in order to ensure both privacy and security. You will access the system by using multi-factor authentication. Whether it is a balance inquiry or funds being transferred, transactions will take place in a computer environment employing very sophisticated security measures.

What Type of Special Equipment Will I Need?

All you will need is a computer that is connected to the Internet. StarNet supports both PC and Mac computers. If using a Mac, you must access Online Banking through Internet Explorer to be 100% compatible. A printer is optional.

How Can I Get Started?

If you have a Personal checking account with us and want to enjoy the convenience of banking from your personal computer, please enroll in Online Banking via our website. Business customers please contact Treasury Management Support at (940) 383.6200 - option 2 to enroll in our Business Online Banking.

Does StarNet Work With Quicken; and Microsoft Money;?

Yes. Information can also be downloaded to spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel; as well as other financial management software.

Can I Access My Accounts From More Than One Location?

Yes. You can access your accounts from anywhere, with the exception of certain blocked countries, as long as you have Internet accessibility. Our multi-factor authentication security feature may require you to authorize a computer the first time you use it to access StarNet.

How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Help Secure My Online Transactions?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires that you log on with "something you have" such as a one time password generator or a cookie, and "something you know" such as a username and password. Our Personal banking product uses a cookie placed on your computer during sign-up that marks your computer as authorized to access StarNet. Some of our Business banking products do require the use of a one-time password generator. If you need assistance with MFA, please call our customer service line at (940) 383.6200, Option 1, or send a secure message through our Contact Us form.

What Protection Do I Have Regarding Passwords?

You are in control of your password and can change it at anytime. Initially, the system will give you a temporary password that MUST be changed when you access Online Banking the first time. This will provide the security and reassurance that no one, not even bank personnel, will know your password.

Can I Transfer Funds Between Accounts?

Yes. You can also set up a transfer to happen in the future in case you won't be able to access Online Banking on the day you want to make the transfer. If funds are not available in the account at the time the transfer takes place, the transfer will not be completed.

Can I Pay My Bills Online?

Yes. Along with paying your bills online, you can sign up for e-Bills. You can also set up reoccurring payments and schedule and view payments all from the same screen. You must enroll in Online Banking before you can take advantage of the bill payment service. Business customers, please contact Treasury Management Support at 940-383-6200, option 2, or email to request access to Bill Payment.

Can I Transfer Funds to Another Bank or Individual?

Yes. You can transfer funds to accounts you may have at other banks via our Account-to-Account transfer feature located within the Bill Payment service. You can also pay people or request money by using our Popmoney® feature also located within the Bill Payment service. Note: This feature is for Personal Banking customers only.

Who Do I Contact for Help or Questions on Any of the Online Banking Functions?

Please contact our Customer Service Department for any questions regarding Online Banking :

North Texas Region: 940-383-6200, option 1; Central Texas Region 512-617-3645, or you can email For Bill Payment questions, please call 855-456-0007.